David grew up as a hash house harrier, but rediscovered running in his late twenties, in an effort to stave off moobs. Starting with marathons David expanded into adventure racing with Accenture Adventure Race Team and then obstacle racing, forming Inov-8 OCR the best team in Europe for several years with friends Jon Albon, Ross Macdonald and Clare Miller. 

In 2016 he stepped up to ultras and has since been mixing up all distances and disciplines. Whether representing England in the Beer Mile World Championships or winning a marathon in Somaliland David is attracted to challenges that are epic, breathtaking or so stupid that he has to give them a try. 

If you have a race or a challenge spicy enough for David then please get in touch!


2013 Soldiers' Challenge - 1st Mixes (1st Overall) Accenture
2013 UK Challenge - 1st Mixed (2nd Overall) Accenture
2013 Sierra Leone Marathon
2015 Eliminator Marathon - 1st Place
2015 Man v Mountain - 1st Place
2015 Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series Ultra – 2nd Place
2016 Eliminator Marathon - 1st Place - 4:18:56 (CR)
2016 Pilgrims Challenge 66 Mile Ultra - 2nd Place
2016 Bagan Temple Marathon - 1st Place
2016 Man vs Mountain – 1st Place - 3:04:02 (CR) 
2016 Country to Capital Ultra - 3rd Place
2016 Marathon des Sables - 17th & 1st Brit
2016 Man V Lakes – 1st Place - 3:56:06 (CR)
2017 Beer Mile World Champs – 12th Place and 3rd (Team) 
2018 Somaliland Marathon - 1st Place
2018 Comrades Marathon 90K - 6:58:30
2018 Ultra Tour Arran – 1st Place (CR)

Personal pacer

We source our food from local organic farmers, and we know them all by name. We are a certified non-GMO restaurant, too: we aim to keep food fresh, healthy, and fun.

3:14:45 (2014) 3:14:48 (2015)
3:14:49 (2016) 3:14:47 (2017)
3:14:47 (2018) 3:14:51 (2019)

3:14:27 (2013) 3:14:39 (2014)

3:14:41 (2018) 

Marathon Pacer

David has a 100% record pacing some of the biggest marathons in the world and countless halfs. Vocal throughout David will guide you through any race with the knowledge and experience to get you to the finish in your target time. If you would like David to pace at your race or are looking for a personal pacer, then please get in touch.