Presenter & Curator

David has presented throughout his life and now can be found hosting, curating, and presenting at events and for corporates across the world. 

More than just a presenter David has curated the Ultra Stage of the National Running Show and the Love Trails Festival, selecting from his 200 podcast guests and friends to bring together an unparalleled mix of speakers and stories. 

If you want someone to supercharge your event then please get in touch. 


Do you know which athlete has been voted the UK's most exciting presenter for 3 years running? ... No? Good, so you may believe the award exists and David won!

From speaking at the Marathon des Sables expo on mental preparation for racing across the Sahara to presenting in Sofia about the joy of bringing running to new countries, David blends technical knowledge with many of the world's most colourful running stories to bring a smile to your face as you learn.

David Hellard Presenting the Mudstacle Awards Ceremony


With David's background in leading groups into the extreme to the extremely silly, David has worked with organisations ranging from Goldman Sachs to Escape The City to not just inspire their employees to take on new physical challenges but to also coach them through with training plans and practical support. 

People's biggest obstacle is often belief and David's humorous approach helps breaks down goals into something achievable. To help unify your team to its common goal just get in touch.

David Hellard Presenting at the Pitch 100