No-one tells stories like Bad Boy Running

The Bad Boy Running Podcast was founded by David and Jody Raynsford - friends and running journalists to tell the amazing stories and silly conversations runners would have in the pub that weren't being told in the running media. 

Featuring some of the world's best runners and a few of its worst, you're listening in to a catch up between buddies rather than an interview and will find out far more about them as a person than just about their training splits.  

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Dean Karnazes
Camille Herron


We don’t know how it happened either…

The problem with running clubs is they're full of runners ... so we set up our own. With over 300 runners across the UK and even more further afield,  you can now get all the benefits of joining a UK Athletics affiliated club with none of the pressure to do anything.

Oh and we’ve got the best damn club merch you’ll ever see. Come join the fun.

Bad Boy Running Club at the Craft Half Marathon