David Hellard Leading The London Marathon


David has been presenting globally from the age of 13 from winning numerous startup pitch competitions to hosting at the two biggest running events in the UK. Whether as part of Bad Boy Running or running solo, you can book David to speak and curate your events to bring his experience and knowledge with huge warmth, positive energy, humour and sometimes questionable fashion choices.

David Hellard Presenting at the National Running Show Ultra Stage


Winner of Best Podcast at the Running Awards, the Bad Boy Running Podcast is about '“the weird and wonderful world of running you didn’t know existed“. Featuring the world's best runners and most colourful characters, the podcast has grown to spawn its own running club and distinct community around the world. Whether you're looking to promote your product, have a story to tell or bring our community to your race, get in touch to hear how we can help. #NotACult

Laz Lake Speaking at the Bad Boy Running Stage at the National Running Show


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David is an ultra-runner, adventurer, and partaker of outlandish challenges. He has taken part in marathons across the globe, racing in Sierra Leone to Afghanistan, winning races from Mayanmar to Somaliland. In 2016 he stepped up to ultra running finishing first Brit in the Marathon des Sables, known as the 'toughest footrace on earth' and has undertaken challenges including leading the London Marathon for 400 metres, racing for the England Beer Mile Team, and setting the record for the Under Round Marathon to raise money for Street Child, receiving a Point of Light award from the Prime Minister along the way

David Hellard Running the Afghanistan Marathon


David has written and been featured in most running magazines and several broadsheet publications. His writing combines his experience of 12 years of racing with his ability to find humour in unexpected places. Whether being chased down by a pack of wild dogs while leading a marathon in Mayanmar or struggling to find a rock to explode one's inners behind while flanked by the armed chief of police in Afghanistan, David always seeks out the story and paints a picture as vibrant as the places he's been. 

David Hellard speaking to the media after winning the Somaliland Marathon